Semalt: WebSundew Web Scraping Software. Features And System Requirements At A Glance

Web scraping involves collecting data from websites and scraping it as per user requirements. This sphere is constantly developing, and that is why new types of software are emerging. Web scraping has now become the most effective and easy way to extract useful information from different web pages. WebSundew is a powerful and comprehensive web scraping tool that helps extract data with high speed and productivity. With WebSundew, you can easily capture large quantities of data and transform it into a desirable format.

WebSundew – Suitable for businesses and enterprises:

WebSundew is suitable for businesses (ecommerce, online retailers, real estate agencies, IT departments) and programmers. You can target the desired data easily, harvest and store it in JSON or CSV formats. WebSundew comes in four different versions: Lite, Professional, Enterprise, and Standard.

You can choose a version in accordance with your requirements and expectations. For instance, the Lite version is suitable for startups and freelancers, and the Professional version is great for large-sized businesses. The best part is that WebSundew will import the needed data to Excel files and scrape both images and text documents.

WebSundew – A productive and amazing service:

If you value high labor productivity and know how to count the money, you cannot do anything without WebSundew. It is a highly productive and well-versed service, which copies and pastes the data and scrapes it as per your requirements. You can scrape information from both dynamic and basic websites, without compromising on quality.

To evaluate its effectiveness, you just need to download and install WebSundew. With this web scraper, you can target meta descriptions, meta titles, and keywords of a site in a blink of an eye.

WebSundew handles any web content without scripts:

WebSundew is the only tool that can handle web content without scripts. This tool is great for non-programmers and non-coders, and you don't need any programming skills to get benefited from it. Instead, WebSundew guides you through the template creation without any string of code and extracts HTML documents easily. The results are saved in the CSV, XML and spreadsheet formats. Companies such as finance and banking departments, real estate agencies and retails can benefit from this data scraping tool.

System Requirements:

As a WebSundew user, you should have any of the following systems:

  • 1. Operating System Requirements: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
  • 2. RAM: 512 MB
  • 3. Processor (CPU): Athlon 1000 MHz or Pentium III

WebSundew user-friendly interface:

WebSundew is best known for its user-friendly interface that helps you download quality images to your system. It can easily process the Web 2.0 websites and extract information from the local HTML sources. Download its free version and try WebSundew for 15 days to be assured of its quality. Upon expiration of the trial period, it will not be possible for you to use WebSundew, so you'll have to buy its premium version. You can scrape up to 100 web pages with its trial version, then the software stops working and requires you to pay something from $20 to $70. In short, WebSundew is an excellent data extractor and web crawler.